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  1. Yes we do offer Archery Tag, either as:
    Archery Tag Party:
    Total Party Time: 3 hours
    $20.00 per person (minimum of 8 people)

    Or during our Free Shoot
    Every 3rd Friday 4-8PM
    20 Yard Range / Archery Tag (6 people minimum to play tag)

  2. I’m from New Jersey and visited Archery Addictions the other day. Very impressed with the facility and would recommend anyone even the least bit interested in getting started or experienced arcgers visit and become a customer. The offerings are great and the pro shop people are there to help.

  3. I’d like more info about the Open tournament the weekend of Jan. 2nd.

    A buddy and I are registered for the Lancaster Archery Classic on Jan. 16th and we are looking for some competition “experience” prior to that event.


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